Sustainable Land Use in San Martin

Sustainable Land Use in San Martin

Project Purpose: Transition landscapes from unsustainable land use to sustainable land use.

Mechanism: Incorporate key stakeholders to work together in implementing a sustainable land use plan that benefits everyone.

  • Producers – the local farmers will earn a higher wage for their work and will have more security with increased longevity of their farmland.
  • Purchasers – distributors and companies purchasing materials such as cacao and coffee from the area will have more stability and better ethics in their supply chain.
  • NGOs – will help fulfill their mission to improve sustainability and help improve the quality of life within San Martin.
  • Governments – will fulfill their mission to support their constituents and stabilize the area socially and economically.

Main Goods Produced in Area:

  • Cacao
  • Coffee
  • Fish
  • Palm Hearts
  • Palm Oil
  • Rice

Transition Activities

  • Planning – a central plan to bring all stakeholders together.
  • Funding – investments from companies who source from this area, NGOs, and government organization will pay for the activities and resources required to carry out the project.
  • Coordination – various stakeholders must coordinate to each do their part in bringing this plan to fruition.
  • Training – farmers will be trained on sustainable land use.
  • Evaluation – as the plan is executed it must be evaluated so adjustments can be made as needed along the way.


Productivity will increase. It is estimated that production of cacao can close to triple over a ten year period as more sustainable practices are implemented.

New jobs will be created. In just the cacao industry in San Martin, the transition to sustainable land use can created over 6.5k new jobs.

Ecosystems will be healthier. The surrounding ecosystems will have improved soil fertility and increased carbon capture.

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