The Root of The Problem

The Root of The Problem

If human populations were much smaller, the earth would be able to rebound from agriculturally practices. However, with the world population exceeding 7 Billion, we are using more resources than the earth can replenish. When it comes to landscapes, this means we are clearing natural ecosystems at a rate that the earth can not regenerate. We are on a path to destroying the only earth we have; the very planet we depend on.

FAO How To Feed The World Report

How do we feed a population of humans growing this large?

Of particular concern is the “Other Developing” category. These growth projections shown by the red line, project the largest world population growth is going to come from people in developing countries. Developing countries rely primarily on small-scale agriculture, which is generally inefficient and highly destructive to the environment.

Is there a way to use our land better so we can feed growing populations AND preserve the important ecological functions of landscapes?

We know there are better ways to manage lands so there is a win-win outcome. Improving farming techniques can vastly increase food output and preserve land for natural ecosystem processes. But this requires an investment of time and money to help us make the transition in time to save the world’s most important ecosystems from collapse.

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